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We are seeking outstanding candidates with a demonstrated track record of innovative, creative, and quantitative thought leadership.

As our Data Architect/Administrator, you will drive the design, implementation, and operation of the high performance databases supporting our advanced analytical solutions. Fast, reliable data access and analysis is central to Sentrana’s business solutions. As a data architect, you will play a critical role in bringing our solutions to market. This is an ideal opportunity for individuals who wish to participate in the full lifecycle of solution development from concept to operation.

Working closely with world-renowned scientists, engineers and with executive managers of our Fortune 500 clients and partners in a small team environment, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the rapidly evolving science and technology of quantitative marketing and demand optimization.

At Sentrana, the lines between R&D, product development, and client engagement at the executive level are blurred – so you'll see the results of your efforts in days or weeks not years. Our heritage is one of entrepreneurship, where individuals' innovative ideas are prized and rapidly re-shape the capabilities of large-scale enterprises. Because you'll be on a small cross-functional team that is responsible for both business and technology decisions, you will have immediate visibility on the relationship between your efforts and the ultimate technology impact that it creates.

Your Responsibilities

As data architect, you will be responsible for the full lifecycle of database implementation from design through ongoing operation. You will be expected to effectively balance responsibilities as an architect and designer against operational responsibility for the availability and performance of our database solutions. You will also need to support the ad hoc analytical needs of the Sentrana team and our clients.

Your additional responsibilities will include:
  • Collaborate with Sentrana development teams to develop the logical and physical design of databases in support of our products and client solutions.
  • Database administration, troubleshooting database systems, backup and recovery, data migration, schema design and modification, data replication, tuning, monitoring database health and performance status.
  • Perform DB Capacity planning, create and maintain procedures and documentation for database environments, evaluate benefits/risks of enhancements and upgrades being considered for deployment.
  • Tune database performance at all levels by optimizing the physical storage and partitioning of data, database table structure, indices, and query performance.
  • Respond to ad hoc data and reporting requests by building queries for data retrieval and aggregating and packaging results for delivery to Sentrana team members, clients, and partners.
  • Work to resolve failures, problems, or concerns in a timely manner, provide root cause analysis for outages when appropriate.
  • Participate in Disaster Recovery Planning and Disaster Recovery Testing efforts; ensure that standards for database performance, availability, and security are being met.
  • Conduct research into emerging data management techniques for application in Sentrana’s products and solutions.
  • Support the integration of clients into Sentrana's SaaS solution by helping to plan and execute data migration and ETL for our ongoing data synchronization.


  • A minimum of five years as a database designer and administrator.
  • Experience designing high performance databases for operational, analytical, and mixed workload environments.
  • Experience as a database administrator in a high availability clustered SQL Server 2005 or 2008 environment.
  • Experience with at least one other database server environment (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.).
  • Demonstrated experience with database configuration management in development environment (e.g., managing change across multiple schemas, reviewing developer requests for database changes, and evaluating downstream impacts of data changes).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills and outstanding oral and written communication skills.

The following qualifications are desirable, but not required:
  • Experience with large-scale data warehousing and analytical solutions including technologies such as Teradata or Netezza.
  • Experience with columnar database solutions such Infobright or MonetDB.
  • Experience implementing ETL tools such as Informatica, CloverETL, Talend, etc.

We offer a generous compensation package, including an equity stake, plus a collaborative, tier-one management team. More importantly, we provide an intellectually fertile environment for people to learn, experiment, and grow. Our work focuses on difficult problems that have no easy answers – indeed it is our pursuit and embrace of such problems that inspires the growth of our associates and our enterprise.

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