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We are seeking candidates with outstanding academic background and a demonstrated track record of quantitative rigor and aptitude for learning.

As our Quantitative Analyst, you'll drive the development of new econometric modeling and quantitative marketing capabilities. You will create solutions that will not only be employed by the world's most recognized companies, but will be relied upon to dramatically expand their performance and competitiveness. Working closely with world-renowned scientists, and with executive managers of our Fortune 500 clients and partners, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the rapidly evolving science and technology of quantitative marketing and factbased, optimal decision making.

At Sentrana, the lines between R&D, product development, and high-end strategic consulting are blurred – so you'll see the results of your efforts in days or weeks not years. Our heritage is one of entrepreneurship, where individuals' innovative ideas are prized and rapidly reshape the capabilities of large-scale enterprises. Because you'll be at the junction between modeling and client engagement, you will have immediate visibility on the relationship between your efforts and the business value it creates.


Your primary responsibility will be to develop sophisticated statistical (econometric) models using conventional and novel modeling strategies. You will interact with senior executive level managers of our Fortune 500 clients and partners, and will be responsible for conveying complex mathematical information in layman's terms. Concurrently, you will engage PhD level statisticians and quantitative analysts both within our clients and internal to Sentrana to articulate the details of your modeling efforts, and debate the intricacies of alternative modeling approaches.

Your additional responsibilities will include:
  • Liaise with internal solution development teams, and specify software requirements to facilitate the implementation of automated software solutions that execute the models you develop
  • Utilize statistical modeling applications (e.g., SAS, SPSS, R) to develop econometric models from historical data
  • Develop new statistical modeling or machine learning algorithms to address complex data modeling challenges
  • Manage development and execution of Implementation project plans, meeting all deliverables and deadlines


  • Deep theoretical and practical expertise with conventional and emerging econometric and statistical modeling techniques, including but not limited to multivariate regression, hierarchical Bayesian modeling, Bayesian nets, data mining (e.g. clustering, classification, association mining etc), and Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation (e.g. Gibbs sampler, Metropolis-Hasting sampler, etc)
  • Strong statistical modeling experience with R, S+, SAS, Matlab or SPSS
  • Experience in optimization algorithm development and implementation (e.g. linear programming, non-linear programming, convex optimization, constrained programming) preferred
  • Software development experience with C/C++, C#, JAVA or Fortran preferred
  • Proficiency in SQL and database programming preferred
  • Must have exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Prior experience in high-end Management consulting firm or Investment Banking preferred
  • Must have a graduate degree from a top-tier university in Econometrics, Statistics, Computer Science, Computational Finance, or Operations Research (M.S. mandatory, PhD preferred)

We offer a generous compensation package, including an equity stake, plus a collaborative, tier-one management team. More importantly, we provide an intellectually fertile environment for people to learn, experiment, and grow. Our work focuses on difficult problems that have no easy answers – indeed it is our pursuit and embrace of such problems that inspires the growth of our associates and our enterprise.

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