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Sentrana is exhibiting at Dreamforce '14

Sell more in less time

The Sentrana difference is market awareness. A deep scientific understanding of how markets behave. Sentrana's Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud combines data engineering and sophisticated mathematical modeling with advanced processing algorithms to optimize and execute precision sales and marketing actions.

Every customer is unique

Each unique customer is treated uniquely. Our sophisticated cloud platform determines the precise execution actions to be applied at an individual prospect or customer level.

Selling to unique customers requires precision

Precise actions require quantitative methods, market awareness and human expertise. Precise actions that are easy to understand and execute.

Precision drives growth & profitability

We enable your team to do what it does best – focus on the precise needs of your prospects and customers to drive growth and profitability.

We focus on the “big” questions like:

  • Who to target?
  • Which leads?
  • How to distribute leads?
  • What to offer?
  • How to price?
  • What to sell?
  • What to cross-sell?
  • How to retain (save-sell)?


  • Individual customer and product level
  • Daily, precise actions
  • Deep data science and domain expertise that sales teams can easily use every day


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