Sentrana launches new website and rebrands MarketMover to Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud

Sentrana launches new website and rebrands MarketMover to Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud
Washington, DC - August 19, 2014

Sentrana is excited to announce the launch of a new brand and associated website effective August 19th, 2014. The rebranding program was initiated to celebrate and build upon the first ten years of growth - and a refreshed vision of the future for us and our clients.

In addition, the MarketMover product family has been renamed Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud. The new cloud-based platform consolidates previously separate Dashboard and BusinessIQ product lines into a simplified offering with the same laser-like focus - delivering precise sales and marketing insight and actions to clients.  The new name reflects Sentrana’s commitment to its singular focus on delivering the most intelligent and powerful data-driven sales and marketing solutions. More importantly, our cloud-based offering creates exciting new opportunities to enable our partners to enhance our capabilities for the benefit of our clients.

For more information, please visit Sentrana’s website at or contact us at 202.507.4480.



About Sentrana
Headquartered in Washington, DC, Sentrana helps business leaders holistically coordinate their marketing, pricing, product mix and sales activities to drive demand for their products and services with the data and capabilities they already possess. The Sentrana Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud allows sales and marketing teams to easily execute precise actions at an individual customer and product level to drive growth and profitability. By providing precise actions at the most granular level, we enable our clients to customize their product and service offerings to the unique preferences and needs of each customer in alignment with enterprise performance objectives.