The Science to Lead Markets™

Who We Are

Sentrana is a scientific marketing company. We help our clients understand their markets at a deeper level using the data they already have at their disposal. Headquartered in Washington DC, Sentrana's engineers, scientists and business thought leaders are motivated by a common goal: to bring the insights of advanced science to something that is as old as human history itself – commerce between buyers and sellers of goods and services. Applying these insights helps our clients make a significant and enduring impact on the bottom line.
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What We Deliver

Our predictive technology platform, MarketMover™, provides enterprises with a transparent view of the demand for their products and services, at the granular level of every possible combination of customers and products, across multiple geographic territories and sales channels. Our holistic demand optimization solutions help decision makers coordinate across all key marketing levers – pricing, product mix, promotions & advertising and sales force effort – providing guidance to make more informed decisions resulting in greater rate of success. more +

How We Do It

Traditional technology solutions that rely solely on data about what happened yesterday fail to provide meaningful insight into what is important today. At Sentrana we believe that optimal solutions require both quantitative methods and human intuition. Our solutions provide sales and marketing decision makers with market awareness – the ability to input human judgment into the system in real time and inform the models with information they would otherwise lack. This results in improved recommendations and higher probability for success.
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